Quizzes and resets

Quizzes and resets

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Some asked (via anonymous feedback) the following :

"In relation to the online service the exams questions were handy as they gave me an idea of the layout of a typical exam. Instead of having to reset each individual quiz would it be possible to just allow someone to activate an new moodle account? It might save you time if you haven't tried it already. Having access to old quiz's is handy as well as it allows you to revisit the questions you got wrong for revision."

Firstly, thank you for your feedback.

The long answer is - No !

Moodle simply will not allow this. One student - one record.  Very few students request a reset.  You can always review your answers and, what's really important here, learn why the answer was incorrect. 

I hope this helps.  Please use all of the instructors to help you in any way they can.