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Air traffic services reporting office

“air traffic services reporting office” means a unit provided by the appropriate authority
either as a separate unit or combined with another unit, for the purpose of receiving reports
concerning air traffic services and flight plans submitted before departure.

Air transit route

Air transit route. A defined route for the air transiting of helicopters.

Air transport undertaking

“air transport undertaking” means an undertaking the business of which includes the
carriage by air for hire or reward of passengers or cargo;

Air-ground communication

“air-ground communication” means a two-way communication between aircraft and
stations or locations on the surface of the earth;

Air-ground control radio station

“air-ground control radio station” means an aeronautical telecommunication station having
primary responsibility for handling communications pertaining to the operation and control
of aircraft in a given area;


Air-report. A report from an aircraft in flight prepared in conformity with requirements for position, and operational and/or
meteorological reporting.

Note.— Details of the AIREP form are given in the PANS-ATM (Doc 4444).


“air-taxiing” means the movement of a helicopter above the surface of an aerodrome,
normally in ground effect and at a speed normally less than 37 km/h (20 kt)


AIRAC. An acronym (aeronautical information regulation and control) signifying a system aimed at advance notification based
on common effective dates, of circumstances that necessitate significant changes in operating practices.

Airborne collision avoidance system

“airborne collision avoidance system (ACAS)” means an aircraft system based on
secondary surveillance radar (SSR) transponder signals which operates independently of
ground-based equipment to provide advice to the pilot on potential conflicting aircraft that
are equipped with SSR transponders;

Aircraft address

Aircraft address. A unique combination of twenty-four bits available for assignment to an aircraft for the purpose of airground
communications, navigation and surveillance.

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