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Background check

Background check. A check of a person’s identity and previous experience, including where legally permissible, any criminal
history, as part of the assessment of an individual’s suitability to implement a security control and/or for unescorted access
to a security restricted area.


A non-power-driven lighter-than-air aircraft.
Note.— For the purposes of this Annex, this definition applies to free balloons.

Bare Earth

Bare Earth. Surface of the Earth including bodies of water and permanent ice and snow, and excluding vegetation and
man-made objects.


Barrette. Three or more aeronautical ground lights closely spaced in a transverse line so that from a distance they appear as a
short bar of light.

Base Turn

“base turn” means a turn executed by the aircraft during the initial approach between the
end of the outbound track and the beginning of the intermediate or final approach track, the
tracks not being reciprocal


Becquerel (Bq). The activity of a radionuclide having one spontaneous nuclear transition per second.


Bit error rate (BER). The number of bit errors in a sample divided by the total number of bits in the sample, generally
averaged over many such samples.

Beta Control

‘Beta Control’ means a system whereby the propeller can be operated at blade angles directly selected by the air crew, or by other means, and normally used during the approach and ground handling.

Blind transmission

Blind transmission. A transmission from one station to
another station in circumstances where two-way communication
cannot be established but where it is believed that
the called station is able to receive the transmission.

Boost Pressure

‘Boost Pressure’ (piston engines) means the manifold pressure measured relative to standard sea level atmospheric pressure.

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