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Hazard beacon

Hazard beacon. An aeronautical beacon used to designate a danger to air navigation.


A heavier-than-air aircraft supported in flight chiefly by the reactions of the air on one or more power-driven rotors
on substantially vertical axes.

Helicopter air taxiway

Helicopter air taxiway. A defined path on the surface established for the air taxiing of helicopters.

Helicopter clearway

Helicopter clearway. A defined area on the ground or water, selected and/or prepared as a suitable area over which a helicopter
operated in performance class 1 may accelerate and achieve a specific height.

Helicopter ground taxiway

Helicopter ground taxiway. A ground taxiway intended for the ground movement of wheeled undercarriage helicopters


Helideck. A heliport located on an offshore structure such as an exploration or production platform used for the exploitation of
oil or gas.


HEMS - Helicopter emergency medical services


Henry (H). The inductance of a closed circuit in which an electromotive force of 1 volt is produced when the electric current
in the circuit varies uniformly at a rate of 1 ampere per second.


Hertz (Hz). The frequency of a periodic phenomenon of which the period is 1 second.


HHO - helicopter hoist operation

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