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Integrated Aeronautical Information Package. A package which consists of the following elements:
— AIP, including amendment service;
— Supplements to the AIP;
— NOTAM and PIB;
— AIC; and
— checklists and lists of valid NOTAM.


International airways volcano watch (IAVW). International arrangements for monitoring and providing warnings to aircraft
of volcanic ash in the atmosphere.

Note.— The IAVW is based on the cooperation of aviation and non-aviation operational units using information derived
from observing sources and networks that are provided by States. The watch is coordinated by ICAO with the cooperation of
other concerned international organizations.


‘ICAO’ means International Civil Aviation Organisation.


ICAO Public Key Directory (ICAO PKD). The central database serving as the repository of Document Signer Certificates
(CDS) (containing Document Signer Public Keys), CSCA Master List (MLCSCA), Country Signing CA Link Certificates
(lCCSCA) and Certificate Revocation Lists issued by Participants, together with a system for their distribution worldwide,
maintained by ICAO on behalf of Participants in order to facilitate the validation of data in eMRTDs.

Identification beacon

Identification beacon. An aeronautical beacon emitting a coded signal by means of which a particular point of reference can
be identified.

IFR conditions

‘IFR conditions’ means weather conditions below the minimum for flight under visual flight rules.


IGA - International General Aviation.


‘ILS’ means instrument landing system.

Immigration control

Immigration control. Measures adopted by States to control the entry into, transit through and departure from their territories
of persons travelling by air.

Import duties and taxes

Import duties and taxes. Customs duties and all other duties, taxes or charges, which are collected on or in connection with
the importation of goods. Not included are any charges which are limited in amount to the approximate cost of services
rendered or collected by the customs on behalf of another national authority.

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