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“expected approach time” means the time at which an air traffic control unit expects that
an arriving aircraft, following a delay, will leave the holding point to complete its approach
for a landing


“estimated off blocks time” means the estimated time at which an aircraft will commence
movement associated with departure;


EDTO critical fuel. The fuel quantity necessary to fly to an en-route alternate aerodrome considering, at the most critical point on the route, the most limiting system failure.

EDTO - Extended Diversion Time operations (ETOPS)

Note.— ICAO Annex 6 Attachment D contains guidance on EDTO critical fuel scenarios.

EDTO significant system

EDTO significant system. An aeroplane system whose failure or degradation could adversely affect the safety particular to an
EDTO flight, or whose continued functioning is specifically important to the safe flight and landing of an aeroplane during
an EDTO diversion.


E.F.B. - Electronic Flight Bag

Effective acceptance bandwidth

Effective acceptance bandwidth. The range of frequencies with respect to the assigned frequency for which reception is
assured when all receiver tolerances have been taken into account.

Effective adjacent channel rejection

Effective adjacent channel rejection. The rejection that is obtained at the appropriate adjacent channel frequency when all
relevant receiver tolerances have been taken into account.

Effective intensity

Effective intensity. The effective intensity of a flashing light is equal to the intensity of a fixed light of the same colour which
will produce the same visual range under identical conditions of observation.

Electronic aeronautical chart display

Electronic aeronautical chart display. An electronic device by which flight crews are enabled to execute, in a convenient and
timely manner, route planning, route monitoring and navigation by displaying required information.

Ellipsoid height

Ellipsoid height (Geodetic height). The height related to the reference ellipsoid, measured along the ellipsoidal outer normal
through the point in question.

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