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Radar approach

Radar approach. An approach in which the final approach
phase is executed under the direction of a radar controller.

Radar clutter

Radar clutter. The visual indication on a radar display of
unwanted signals.

Radar contact

Radar contact. The situation which exists when the radar
position of a particular aircraft is seen and identified on a
radar display.

Radar identification

Radar identification. The situation which exists when the
radar position of a particular aircraft is seen on a radar
display and positively identified by the air traffic

Radar monitoring

Radar monitoring. The use of radar for the purpose of
providing aircraft with information and advice relative to
significant deviations from nominal flight path, including
deviations from the terms of their air traffic control

Radar separation

Radar separation. The separation used when aircraft position
information is derived from radar sources.

Radar track position

Radar track position. An extrapolation of aircraft position by
the computer based upon radar information and used by
the computer for tracking purposes.

Note.— In some cases, information other than radarderived
information is used to assist the tracking


Radian (rad). The plane angle between two radii of a circle which cut off on the circumference an arc equal in length to the

Radio navigation service

Radio navigation service. A service providing guidance information or position data for the efficient and safe operation of
aircraft supported by one or more radio navigation aids.


RAIL:   Runway Alignment Indicator Lights

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